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"We walk a thin line between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, the Heavenly Sky and the Black Abyss;  one must always beware!"  
              Richard Ashland

The Bus:
Originally written for the TV show, "The Twilight Zone," this mini thriller should only be filmed in Black and white, lest we destroy the true ambiance of "The Zone."  What happened to John Weston on that New York to California bus trip, he doesn't much talk about these days, or what may have happened to all of his demented passengers just before they reached Selina, Utah. 

Death Avenged:
The intense winter storm of the decade and the frigid blast had detective Slattery virtually blocked into his building.  But where did everyone else go?  There were at lease thirty other people renting suites in the Cobblestone Center.  Certainly they wouldn't have left without his noticing the cars leaving the parking lot.  
But he wasn't alone, and an unsolved murder resurfaces in the darkened halls of a once vibrant building; the murder of his father.  Had his father's killer found his way to the son, and what would happen next?

Lost In London:

Thomas Grant is on his way to Manchester, England.  But this is not a vacation or a business trip; he is on his way across the Atlantic ocean to identify the remains of his half-brother, William Marfleet who was killed three days earlier in a car wreckjust outside of Manchester.

What Thomas finds in Manchester isn't the body of his brother.  The dead man wore his brother's clothes and carried his brother's ID, but it wasn't William.

Next Stop, Scotland Yard.  At thirty seven, Thomas had fallen hard, a nasty divorce, no children (probably a good thing) and feeling like a total and complete failure, his life was nothing but a dark shadow and there were times he wished to simply vanish.   He buys a train ticket to London not knowing the world he is about to enter.   When he meets a beautiful women, who claims they know each other, even though he has no memory of the relationship, what is in store for Thomas?